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Setting the Stage for Onsite Group Wellness Programming

Your company’s goal is expanding its wellness program or looking for new ways to further engage staff and program participants which may include family members.

Now is the time to consider onsite group movement offerings such as yoga or mat Pilates? Have you considered including the stress reducing elements of onsite meditation and mindfulness practices?

As you consider these options, it’s imperative to look for a partner who understands your overall wellness goals and your health promotion program. Be mindful to join with a group who has experience in corporate wellness and can creatively help you build a culture of well-being inside your organization.

Launching your onsite group wellness activity can be a simple proposition. The entity offering this service should consult with you on the best timeline, communication vehicles, and realistic expectations revolving around the event’s kick-off. It’s also an innovative idea to incorporate an incentive campaign with this activity to continue to motivate individuals. With at the core, implementation is simple, and the upfront ground work performed in conjunction with your partner will help ensure your success.

The instructors selected to perform your onsite services need to relate to the journey your employees experience by having a business background (conference calls, webinars, deadlines, spreadsheets, etc.) in addition to their accreditations and credentials in the format being taught. Liability insurance coverage and CPR training are necessary as well.

Finally, as the kick-off day arrives, your instructor creatively and compassionately “sets the stage” for your employees and participants. Whatever area is selected to use for this activity, the instructor speaks to creating a “safe place” – an area that is judgement-free and competition-free. Your employees – participating in this activity will journey out of their office comfort zone into a completely supported and encouraged space and begin their journey to lowering stress, moving mindfully, and breathing deeply.

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