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Hi Neil,

     I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated our yoga session yesterday.  I enjoy it every week and hate to miss a class.  I always feel better afterward and it has always helped a little with my low back pain, but yesterday was different.  I have had low back pain for over 20 years and feel like I have a baseball size knot in the lower right side of my back.  After yesterday’s session, my pain level was cut in half.  I usually keep my comments and feedback (good and bad) to myself but I really wanted to thank you!  I look forward to the next 12 weeks  

Darlene C.


Indianapolis-based engineering services company



“Neil’s yoga and meditation sessions are some of the most well-attended group practices we offer.  Clients regularly report how enjoyable and effective his classes are to support their individual recovery plans.  His background in recovery and his ability to adjust yoga classes to meet clients wherever they are on their journey combine to facilitate healing.”

             -Eric C. – Substance Abuse Disorder Therapist


“It has been a pleasure practicing yoga with Neil.  He’s extremely professional and keeps everyone interested by switching up the weekly routine to focus on different areas of the body.  He does a great job of structuring the class so everyone is able to participate regardless of their physical level.  I highly recommend him as a yoga instructor and am excited to participate in each class.”

             – Kelly M., Vice President, Human Resources, Indianapolis-based Logistics Organization


“My company has been working with Neil for the last three months or so. It’s been a great experience watching the culture of our organization slowly change to adapting a healthier lifestyle.

We started out with a four week “intro to yoga” class which was very basic. We have since almost completed an 8 week course and just signed up for another 8 week one this week. Neil does a nice job of slowly advancing each class to make it a little more challenging.

He is also a super nice guy and genuinely cares about each and every participant in the class. He always gives individual attention when it comes to modifying moves and working around any injuries a participant may have.

I would highly recommend him if you are thinking of implementing a yoga practice at your place of employment.”

            – Chris W., Director/Human Resources, Indianapolis-based Office Supplies/Furniture Distributor

“I was completely new to recovery and to yoga.  To say I was apprehensive to try a yoga class is an understatement.  Neil’s authenticity and genuine welcoming nature put me at easy quickly.  His stories around his recovery program along with how he helps me and the other participants relax and connect to our breath and body were instrumental in the overall experience at this treatment center.”

             -Rachel T. – Client at Indianapolis-based Treatment Center

“I’m 89 years old.  I have a right knee and left hip replacements, so at my age movement programs that I can participate in are limited.  Joining Neil’s weekly classes are highlights of my time here.  My sleep has improved.  I feel more balanced and energetic.  His creativity and passion around conducting sessions that are both fun and appropriately challenging are helping me and my neighbors who practice with me more fully enjoy this season of our lives.”

             -Helen R. – Resident at Carmel, IN-based Senior Living Community

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