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Building Strong Human Connections to Build Stronger Communities

Specializing in Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful classes for businesses, alcohol & recovery centers, and senior living communities

Making a Difference

What motivates you to come to work?  Sense of purpose?  Flexible hours?  Workplace camaraderie?

Everyone’s answer is different.  That’s why employers need new ways to attract, retain, and engage employees.  

Enter AT THE CORE – an innovative wellness programming firm targeting small businesses with onsite remote/virtual activities to encourage and support individuals in the behavior and lifestyle change process. We work directly with business owners who believe wholeheartedly in the value of healthy employees to lead productive, fulfilling lives - thereby helping organizations prosper from the inside out.

It is time we get “at the core” of the health issues facing small employers - including obesity, smoking, depression, sedentary lifestyles, and drug and alcohol abuse/addiction. It is time to acknowledge the shifting dynamics in the workplace and embrace wellbeing as a true core value.

Two other key areas where AT THE CORE excels are treatment centers specializing in recover from substance-abuse disorders where sessions align with treatment modalities to help individuals on the path to sobriety, contentment, and peace of mind.  Additionally, chair yoga classes help residents in senior living communities enhance their well-being, build better balance, and improve their energy.

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Yoga by the Pool
Shoulder stand in yoga class
Pebble Beach


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